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You won't want to miss our hottest new release "Lessons From The Neighbor 4", a hot White wife on Black interracial story written by the best interracial storyteller in the business.. Stormbringer, and superbly illustrated by Jaguar. This is the last part of a 4 part series that will surely please fans of white wife on black seduction tales.

Written by Stormbringer, Illustrated by Jaguar

An illustrated interracial story

Up to now Jamal has only taken Megan every which way but her sweet white pussy, preserving whatever misguided sense of marital fidelity she had in her mind. But her husband was now home on vacation and because of this Megan and Jamal haven't had anal sex for almost a week, the urges almost too much to bear. Finally Jamal stops by to take liberties with Megan in her own house while her husband is outside mowing the lawn unaware of what's going on inside. Will Megan finally give up her sweet tight pussy to Jamal's big Black cock and completely sever her marriage vows.. or will Jamal just take it from her, as he's already had her under his spell thus far.

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