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We'd like to announce our new focus on interracial celebrity hardcore comics and illustrated interracial stories. Check out our hottest new release "The Apology", a hardcore sex parody on the whole Kanye West / Taylor Swift commotion...

Written by Stormbringer, Illustrated by Kinky Jimmy

A celebrity interracial hardcore parody

Following the wild outburst of Kanye West during Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech, Kanye finds himself reeling from all the media and public backlash. Still hungover and drinking, he finds himself needing to apologize to Taylor in person at her hotel room. Once there he's overcome by a primal lust for Taylor and her beautiful young white body and hatches a plan to slowly seduce her.

Written by Stormbringer, Illustrated by Andes Studio

An illustrated interracial story

Having forgotten her purse at home and with her cell phone dead, Vivian's day turns from bad to worse as her car starts having problems on her way home during a rain storm. Hoping to take a shortcut home through a bad section of town she's used to avoiding, she's forced to stop at a shady garage to get her car fixed. Without money and desperate, she reluctantly agrees to perform oral sex to get her car repaired. Soon enough though, the sly mechanics working the garage sucker her into giving up alot more of herself until before long she becomes a full fledged black cock hungry slut!

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