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We're heating up the holidays with hot new illustrated interracial sex stories you won't want to miss!

Written by Stormbringer, Illustrated by Jaguar

An illustrated interracial milf story

Grace Taylor walks in on her 18 yr old twin daughters being filmed by a group of four Black thugs while masturbating in their living room. Through threats and intimidation, they coax her into participating in on the action, all the while still filming every shameful degrading sexual deed. She soon learns that her beautiful blonde twins are not as innocent as she had thought, as they gradually reveal themselves to be true sluts for Black cock. Can this buxom milf.. a racist pastor's wife.. resist her natural lust for Black cock? Or will her dark past and years of lingering curiosity come back to haunt her?


Written by J. Boswell, Illustrated by Jaguar

An illustrated interracial cuckhold story

Long time childhood friends growing up, James and Darius were nearly inseparable until they graduated from high school and went their separate ways. Now Darius is back visiting, having served multiple tours abroad in the military. James introduces him to Amanda, his sexy blonde wife and highschool sweetheart and their beautiful 18 yr old daughter Cindy. After a night of booze and storytelling, James loses his wife to Darius over a game of cards and heavy intimidation. He soon bears witness to unspeakable acts of infidelity and his own strange arousal as a voyeur to it all. The life of James and his family will never be the same..

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