Dream Blonde Delivery
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The alarm went off at approximately 8:25 in the morning. Chris’s hand shot out from under the covers and shut it off. The black teen leaped out of bed and stretched. The air conditioning made his room cold, so he pulled a red hooded sweatshirt on over his bare chest. His daily morning stiffy strained against the material of his sweat pants. Chris was rather thin and small for his age, but his cock was the exception. It was plump and swollen, larger around then even his skinny wrists and pushed twelve inches long. He didn’t know where it’s immense size came from. He’d caught his parents having sex once and his dad’s prick didn’t come close to his in size even when fully aroused and rampant. It wasn’t a black thing. None of his classmates came close to him in size, black or white. A few classmates showering after gym teased him about it, calling him “Tripod”, but for the most part, it seemed to make his male friends uncomfortable and they pretended not to notice. The news had apparently gotten out though, as several girls had started flirting with him. Two had seen it, one staring at it in awe, but refusing to touch it. The other had actually touched it, but refused to do anything else with it, though Chris felt she was starting to come around. His cock strained to break free of his sweats. It’s intimidating size may have kept him a virgin, but Chris wouldn’t have traded in his big dick for nothing and he wouldn’t stay a virgin forever. His cock was getting uncomfortable, so he yanked his sweats down, letting his cock spring free and then snapped his sweats back, holding his cock against his stomach. That’s better, he thought sighing. He needed to take care of his erection, but that could wait.

School was out for summer and Chris didn’t have a job, nor did he have any chores to take care of. None of his friends set their alarm clocks during the summer. Chris would have preferred to sleep in or to have gotten back into bed, put his laptop on his lap and logged on to poonnet. There he could take care of his swollen cock, jerking off to hot illustrations by several of poonnet’s talented artists and then gone back to bed. Chris didn’t need to get out of bed, but he did have a reason for doing so. That reason was Brittany Stevens.

Chris walked over to his window and to the telescope looking down from the second floor to his neighbors driveway across the street. He had faked an interest in astronomy a few months ago so that he could get a telescope for his birthday. That telescope had never once been aimed at the sky. It was always aimed at the Stevens’ driveway.

Five minutes after his alarm had gone off, Chris was bending over, eye pressed to the viewer on his telescope. He watched Mr. Stevens stroll out his front door just like he did every week day at 8:30am. The man recoiled a little when he hit the hot outside air. He hurried to his car, eager to get his air conditioning going and escape the heat. His wife followed him and Chris gasped at what she was wearing. Brittany bent down and kissed her husband through the window. Then she backed up and waved as her husband backed out of the driveway. Chris wondered what she saw in the old geezer of a husband. Brittany was in her late twenties, but her husband was at least fifteen years older if not twenty.

Chris stared at her as she waved to her husband. The hot bitch was wearing black stretch pants that hung low on her hips. Another quarter inch and the tops of her pubes would be showing the pants were so low. She was wearing a tank top that stopped just above her sexy flat stomach. Chris wanted to stick his tongue in her navel and lick all over her belly before moving his tongue up or down to her tits or pussy. Her tits were magnificent, CC maybe DD, he didn’t know cup sizes too well, but he did know they were impressively big on her fit frame. The tank top showed off a lot of cleavage and he could make out a red bra strap sticking out on one shoulder. If she were his bitch, he wouldn’t allow her to wear a bra even if that’s what made her cleavage so impressive. Brittany Stevens was blonde, though not naturally so. Her eyebrows were dark black. He wondered if she dyed her pussy hair too. Not that he cared, if she were his bitch, he'd make her shave it off.

Chris continued staring through the telescope as his hand slipped inside his sweat pants. He grasped his straining cock and began to jerk it off.


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