Dream Blonde Delivery
page 4

Chris flew down the stairs, skipping two at a time. He yanked his front door open and stared in shock.

Brittany Stevens was indeed nude, but for red high heels on her feet. She was bound, hand between her legs. Her ass and the sexiest shaved quim Chris had ever seen was facing him, while Brittany was facing away from him. She appeared drugged or half asleep. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly. Her pussy glistened with wetness. It looked swollen, engorged with arousal. Her tits were also swollen and looked to have swelled another cup size. They glistened too as if coated with baby oil. Strange white circles capped her nipples. The circles had been pushed down around her areola. Each white circle three bent prongs that curved outwards and served to keep Brittany’s nipples erect. Her nipples were swollen and engorged too. They looked like her breasts might explode at any moment. Four black leather straps encircled her body connected to several metal rings that connected to the strap in the man’s hand so that he could carry her.

“My card,” said the man in the dark suit. His voice was strangely monotonous and emotionless.

The card was a www.poonnet.com business card. Chris looked at it then up at the man. He gasped in shock and then took a step back in fear.

“Don’t be afraid Christopher. I am the POONBOT MODEL 2012. Here is the bitch, nude and bound as per your request.”

Chris stepped back so that the poonbot could enter his house. Chris was so surprised, he found himself staring less at his nude fantasy woman and more at the man’s face. It wasn’t human. It appeared to be human but wearing a black ski mask only the front of the mask had green metal facial features. The mask looked insectoid, reminding him a little of a praying mantis.


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