Dream Blonde Delivery
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Chris practically leaped out of his clothes. His tee shirt was off in a second. His pants were still down around his ankles and soon his pants were off, quickly followed by his socks. His cock was still rock hard and sticking straight out, ready for its first taste of white pussy or any pussy for that matter.

The poonbot finished putting its equipment away. It slammed the briefcase shut and turned to stare at Chris as the black teen quickly strolled up to his couch. It slid its hands into its suit pockets and just stood there, saying nothing, as if casually waiting for its job to finish.

Brittany had fallen sideways on the couch. Chris pulled her up and pulled her legs apart. He pushed down hard on his steely cock, lining it up with her swollen, dripping genitals. His neighbor still seemed drugged and half comatose, but he was aware that she actually spread her legs a little wider for him, inviting him inside.

Once again, he was surprised at how much heat the inside of her pussy was giving off. Only this time, the heat wasn't engulfing his fingers. It was surrounding the tip of his cock. His hands grabbed the milky white flesh of her pale breasts and squeezed. Milk squirted out from her nipples. He gripped her breasts tightly, using them for leverage as he slowly pushed his cock inside her.

Brittany Stevens had one tight pussy, but then Chris was sure she'd never had a cock like his before. As wet and hungry for cock as her pussy was, she still had to stretch open wide so that he could enter her. The heat slowly swallowed his golf ball sized cock head. He worked the head around inside her pussy a little, letting her juices coat it and some of his shaft before pushing a little more in.

Chris pictured himself, slamming his cock forwards. His youth and inexperience should have had him cumming in no time at all. His first taste of white pussy was so hot and wet that there was no way a teen could last more then a minute. But he did!

Chris had complete self control. He didn't slam his cock forwards and hump at her like crazy until he came a minute later. He held his cock still, with just the head inside her, letting her stretch to accommodate his size. He worked another inch in and then another. He heard her moan and knew she was loving her first taste of dark meat. His body felt warm. Heat seemed to be traveling through his veins. He felt drunk. And suddenly he knew that it was the whiskey giving him the stamina of a much older man. The whiskey was going to help him fuck his neighbor like a well experienced man fucks a woman, not like a teen virgin fucks a girl for the first time.

He slowly worked inch after inch inside her. Her pussy walls were hot and slick. Her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock, pulling him inwards, wanting him deeper. She moaned, eyes still closed, but her hips were now raising up into his cock as he pushed it deeper and deeper. He was only half in when he met resistance. Instinct told him that he was now as deep as her husband could go. Well Chris wasn't old Mr. Stevens, he was a real man and he was going to fuck Mrs. Stevens like only a real man could.

It took longer to open up her virgin territory, but he could tell she was loving it. Her body shivered beneath him, her white flesh shaking with lust as his huge black cock probed deeper and deeper. She purred and moaned and mewled, thrusting her hips up into his thrusting cock. Her vaginal muscles continued tugging his cock. The bitch wanted it buried inside her and she was about to get her wish. Chris felt his cock head knocking at the entrance to her womb. He angled his cock up and pushed it through her cervix. The last few inches pushed into her, her heat fully engulfing his shaft.

She shuddered underneath him. She moaned, her moan turning to a scream. For a brief moment, Brittany Steven's eyes opened. She stared into his eyes. Her vaginal muscles squeezed down around every inch of his foot long shaft, then her pussy seemed to expand as a hot fluid poured from her body, coating his cock and dripping down their conjoined crotches to coat his balls and drip to the carpet.

Brittany Stevens had just cum.


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