Dream Blonde Delivery
page 17

Chris decided that pussy was his new favorite thing in the world. Hunched over his neighbor, Chris had an awesome view of her body and of his cock sticking out of her pussy. God damn, she had a hot body. Her flat sexy belly was undulating as his cock slowly moved in and out of her. Her shaved pubic mound was the hottest thing he'd ever seen and he swore that he could see it bulge out each time he buried his cock in her.

"FUH!" moaned Brittany.

Chris squeezed one of her tits and shook it, watching the milk shoot out. Herr breasts hadn't stopped lactating yet. He bent down and sucked the nipple between his lips. Milk struck the back of his mouth to roll around on his tongue.

"FUH KA!" groaned Brittany writhing in ecstasy.

Chris reared back and moved his hands to her thighs. He pushed back her legs back so that they were open farther. He angled his cock down and began fucking her harder, the whiskey coursing through his veins filling him with stamina and strength. He pulled his cock almost out and then let gravity slam his cock back into her womb.

"FUH KA ME!" she screamed, "FUCK ME!"

It was like her mind had trouble remembering the words the drugs or whatever she was on, had her so dumbed down. "I am fucking you, bitch." he growled, looking into her half lidded eyes. "Just like I always dreamed I'd be fucking you. Giving you my big black cock."

"LUV BLAC COK," she cried.

Brittany Stevens ungritted her teeth. She lifted her head up from the back of the couch. Chris brought his head down, their lips pressed together. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, but her tongue was pushing back, dueling with his. Her pussy suddenly spasmed as she came again.


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