Esther 2
page 3

nine pm at that night, he brought me to a pub to meet up his friend. I was wearing a tank top and a really short skirt as I walk into the pub. As I walk into the pub with him I saw a few guys who turn their heads and staring at me with surprise and the friends of my lover were in no exception.

"Man where did you find this babe bro?" one of his friend walked toward us and asked. As we walk to their table his friend laid his hand on my shoulder, skin to skin.

"I told you about her last week and I bet you guys did buy what I said heah?" my lover replied with a smile.

As I sit down and chat with them for a while I can tell from their eyes that they all want to have their share on me. Beside, their eyes are not the only way that they express what they intend to, their hands also told me so. I was a bit afraid at first, but since they are all pretty nice to me I soon kinda enjoy their attention and their touchs. On my thigh, my waist and my shoulder, I can tell that they also enjoy the touch of my skin like I do to them.

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