Esther 2
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My lover drove me home at about 11, with them of course. I was sitting in the back with two of his friends and my love sit in the front seat with another friend who looks shorter. As my love was to me in the first time on the car back home, they put their hands in my tank top and into my pants. Saw me being too shy my lover said "slow down guys, you should wait untill you see what she had prepare for you guys". Hearing that, my cheeks was totally blushed.

Right after we got in my apartment I went changed imediately as they waited in the living room. As I get changed I hear my love said "This rich, pretty, sexy chinese chick would be all for you guys tonight." Even though I still dont know how to act infront of few guys in the same time I thought to myself that if my lover makes a promise to his friends I would have to help him to work his promises out.

So I walked out to the living room in my newly bought underdress. The moment I walked out, I can tell that they were all freezed, with an excited, desired expression on their face.

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