Lessons from the Neighbor
page 3

Megan noticed some pictures on the hall walls and was surprised to see they were of a bikini clad Betina in various poses.

"That's from before I had Anthony, of course," Betina said over Megan's shoulder. "I used to be a pretty hot model. You ever do any modeling?"

Surprised, Megan answered, "No. Why do you ask?"

"Your figure's so perfect for bikini modeling. Why if I had your breasts I could have tripled my income."

Megan was flattered and the two women talked all day becoming close friends. Jamal was a former boxer and didn't work except for some lessons he gave at the gym every night for a few hours. He'd earned enough in the ring to by the nice house in the suburbs. Betina was starting a job at a cosmetics company in the fall when Anthony started kindergarten and she was desperately looking forward to getting out of the house. Megan wasn't able to have children and she envied Betina her family.

Megan really enjoyed Betina's company. The only thing she didn't like was that her new friend had a potty mouth. She used words like "fuck" and "cock" all the time and she always had Megan blushing constantly. Megan also didn't like Jamal that much. He seemed to recognize how naive she was and was constantly telling jokes at her expense. The gullible Megan falling for them every time. They also appeared to have a better sex life then Megan did. Jamal apparently didn't have a problem taking care of his wife, and the way Betina talked, he "fucked" her constantly with his big "cock."


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