Lessons from the Neighbor 3
page 5

Megan dressed and began blow drying her hair, while planning her days shopping trip. She had to get some groceries and she had promised Harold that she would buy some sexy red lingerie to wear for him tonight. Jamal had put the idea into her head the day he had given her the blow job lesson, though he preferred white lingerie.

She wanted the doctor nice and excited for when they tried sex "doggy style" tonight. Something about being on your knees, at the mercy of a man fucking you from behind really excited her.

She grabbed her car keys off the counter and paused seeing Jamal out in his back yard. He was just puttering around doing nothing and she realized she was missing her tanning session. She had only spoken to him a couple times since the last lesson and he seemed very interested in how things were going with the doctor. It was nice having a best friend that cared so much for her. She left for the grocery store.


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