Lessons from the Neighbor 3
page 7

The next day, she got up and instead of putting on her bikini, she put on the lingerie. She would ask Jamal what was wrong with it, she thought as she rolled up the lacy white nylons and hooked them to the garter. He wasn't in the yard, oddly enough, and she put on a coat and walked over towards his back door.

She knocked and waited a few minutes before hearing his heavy footfalls approaching the door. She saw the door open and said, "Hi J-." She stopped, he was completely naked, his fully erect cock all glistening and shiny before her all covered in some kind of lubrication. He had obviously been masturbating.

"Hi Megan." he said smiling down at the white woman staring at his cock, completely fixated on it. Underneath her coat, he saw her legs. covered in lacy white nylons and arched his eyebrows in delight. "Come on in," he said turning into his house. He watched her eyes follow his cock and like a zombie she followed it into his house.


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