Winning Amanda Through Intimidation
page 9

I was getting concerned that things were going too far. I stood up, "Well, I guess the game's over. Let's go swimming."

Darius grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back down into my chair. "What say you and me go one-on-one for one hand? Winner takes all? Kind of like playing 'horse' at the old basketball hoop back in Detroit."

He failed to mention that I never won any of those games. "What are we betting, Darius?"

He smiled at Amanda and then looked at me, "Well, the loser gets the couch for the night."

"And the winner?"

"Don't be stupid, Jim. The winner gets Mandy, of course."

I started to get up, "Don't be ridiculous, Darius. This has gone far enough. You can't intimidate me into a crazy bet like that." In an instant, Darius grabbed my wrist and clipped my feet out from under me. I fell forward, to the table, hitting it with my chin, and was held there effortlessly, in his iron grasp. He wasn't even sweating. Mandy placed her hand on Darius's huge chest. "Please! Please don't fight. Don't hurt James, Darius."

"I don't want to be a prick, Jim. Let's ask Mandy if she's game." He turned and looked at her standing there, naked and glowing in the moonlight. Still holding me, he stood and slapped his huge semi-hard dick on the table. "What do you say, Mandy? You look like a good sport. It'll be a good time for you, either way. Jimmy and I will play one more hand. You get taken by the winner. Do you want to be the prize?"


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